Being a resident of South Africa, taking photographs must be a favourite pastime. For your time outside to be worth it, you could bring along your laptop or even your Apple iPod Touch, transfer files from your digital camera to your device, and not have to worry about a full memory card.

To be able to enjoy this transfer, you’ll have to find a good selection of laptops for sale and an adequately equipped camera. Having chosen a laptop, also think about getting a sturdy and cushioned carrying case. You know how easy it is for a laptop to get bumped, scratched, or dumped on when you’re travelling. The carrying case will help soften the blow and protect your laptop.

The External Drive

This is a very important add-on to your laptop because the memory of a laptop is limited and very small compared to a new desktop PC. To compensate, the external drive is like having a second hard disk on which you can save documents, pictures, audio files, video, and even software. The new external drives have Terabyte capacity, which is a massive storage space good enough for just about anything and everything.

The Laptop Adaptor

The adaptor is making sure you can recharge your laptop batteries when needed. It’s a good item to have at all times.

The Laptop Battery

Contrary to popular opinion, laptop batteries have a limited life span, and sometimes they get damaged from over-charging or under charging. Unfortunately, it can happen in the blink of an eye. Do you have a replacement battery?

You should be careful about keeping the laptop plugged into the charger all the time. It can cause the battery to weaken and eventually break down. You’ll notice your battery being in trouble if you have to keep charging them more every day compared with when you first used it.

The Laptop Mouse

A laptop does not need a mouse because it has that pad but it can be quicker to work with a mouse than with the pad. Also, laptop stand boss, with the mouse you don’t have those quirky accidents when you mess up your work because of a hand movement over the pad. There are wireless or optical mouse devices, as well as the regular cabled mouse. Your laptop bag should have compartments for bulky items like the mouse so you don’t end up scratching your laptop by mistake.

The Camera

If you want to enjoy live chats or taking your picture as you work on your laptop, you should check out the cameras for sale. These are tiny gadgets that you can either clip on your laptop or anywhere close to your laptop. The quality of the non-branded or inferior cameras is pretty bad, so if you don’t like looking grainy or fat, pick a camera with better resolution and clarity.


This is a must-have accessory because you may enjoy listening to music but would rather do so without being a nuisance. The headphones are the perfect way to gain privacy on your laptop. Very few people bother someone who’s plugged into a computer simply because they usually look busy and uninterested in sharing. Headphones are also a great deterrent from getting bothered by the noise around you.